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What is a weed water pipe?

water weed pipe

A weed pipe is a device used to smoke marijuana that uses water filtration and gravity to produce an “oil-free”, super-smooth hit. Weed pipes are the newest type of vaporizer hitting the market now; they are easy to transport and carry so they’re perfect for your next trip camping or hiking.

For those who prefer concentrated oils, herbs, or waxes, some feature conduction heating with convenient temperature gauges allowing you to monitor the temperature. They’re also ideal for hashish, kief, and other dry products.

But is it healthier than smoking?


Smoking has a lot of negative side effects, such as emphysema and lung cancer. Smoking cigarettes on a regular basis is a leading cause of death in America. The main reason for this is because smoking cigarettes causes tar buildup in your lungs that can lead to serious health problems.

The smoke from cigarettes contains hundreds of carcinogens and other toxic chemicals that are released when you inhale these dangerous toxins into your lungs by smoking cigarettes. The smoke also contains more than 4,000 chemicals that are harmful to your body. Most of these chemicals are absorbed through the membranes lining your mouth and throat.

However, vaporizing eliminates all these harmful chemicals and carcinogens from the smoke. Vaporizers heat up to a desired temperature before allowing you to inhale the vaporized weed through your mouthpiece or a water pipe attachment.

Your lungs will thank you by being protected from years of tar buildup that cigarettes cause when smoking cigarettes at a regular pace. The super-smooth hits pumped through an oil-free water pipe will delight even the most discerning smoker.


Weed Pipe for Recreation

water pipe
water pipe

A weed pipe can be a safe and fun way to consume marijuana for those who don’t want to smoke it. A water pipe has a long history of cannabis consumption, and it’s not just the pipes from the 60’s anymore. It’s now an age where people are aware that smoking cannabis doesn’t cause lung cancer, and that you can consume it without having to worry about inhaling tar, carcinogens, or other hazardous byproducts.

Even without tobacco present in the pipe at all, weed pipes are still legal across most US states (excluding using  beakers/bongs) so long as they aren’t used in public. Freeing yourself to smoke in a comfortable, private space is the point of a water pipe, after all. It’s still illegal in most states for you to smoke weed in public places though, don’t be an idiot and get caught.

As some states slowly legalize marijuana around the country, we can expect to see more and more cannabis users choosing the option of vaporization over smoking. Vaporization preserves a lot of the healthy properties of bud that come from trim (the leaves) without having to deal with harmful carbon monoxide or tar buildup in your lungs. Marijuana smokers who choose not to smoke will rapidly see themselves as healthier consumers when they consider alternative methods of consumption.


Other benefits of a weed pipe

Many weed pipe buyers are switching from smoking to vaporizing. Many people have switched to vaporizing marijuana because of the health benefits that it provides. After all, a water pipe filter allows the smoke to be absorbed into your throat and lungs, eliminating all the harmful toxins and chemicals that traditional smokers inhale with every hit.

Not only do these devices save you money but they also protect your lungs from cancer and chronic illnesses like emphysema. Inhaling the smoke through a water pipe also allows more direct contact between the cannabis flower and your mouth, resulting in more potent hits that are rich in terpenes.

On top of these benefits, water pipe users can continue to smoke their favorite dry herb bowl pieces without the harsh smoke irritating their lungs. If you’re ready to give a weed pipe a try, keep reading to learn all about them now!


What to look for in a weed pipe?

There are a few factors to consider when you’re searching for a weed pipe. In addition to the traditional attributes of size, type, and price, there are several things that will affect your purchasing decision as well.

The most important factors to investigate a weed pipe include:

water weed pipe
water weed pipe

Bowl Size

The product description almost always mentions the size of the bowl that comes with the pipe, but it’s good practice to make sure before you buy. Smaller bowls are ideal for those who only want to smoke one hitter at a time. If you want something that you can use with multiple people at once (or if you want more than one hitter), then larger bowls would be better.


Ease of Use

A lot of pipes are very simple and straightforward, but some feature special extras that make them function differently. Some have temperature gauges that allow you to monitor the temperature, while others will alter the way smoke travels through the pipe. If you aren’t sure which design is best for you, don’t hesitate to ask the seller or manufacturer directly for more information about how the pipe works.



Some pipes are more experimental than others when it comes to design. A lot of classic glass pipes are designed in a straightforward fashion while other choose to incorporate extra features like a bowl piece on the end opposite from your mouthpiece. You might even find a stealth pipe that has a removable bowl that makes smoking more discreet.

How to Clean Weed Pipe

While it’s important that your weed pipe is clean before you use it, it’s also vital that you clean and disinfect it after every use to avoid any bacteria and germs. You can wash your weed pipe with warm water and mild soap then let it dry completely before storing in a safe place. If your water pipe is homemade, there are several other steps that should be taken to ensure long-term durability as well as improved sturdiness.


There you have it! I hope you enjoyed knowing every detail about a weed pipe. Did you get the tips on what to look in a weed pipe? Enjoy!