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What do you need to use a bong?


What do you need to smoke through a bong?

Say you’re at a party and some guy-friend or co-worker tells you that he’s got to have a bong hit. All your life, you’ve always believed the garbage he does to be dangerous, but now you want in on the action.

Are they lying about the safety of using a bong? Is it really safe? What ingredients are needed to achieve maximum smoking satisfaction? To answer these questions and more, we’ll discover together what’s required for today’s common smoking craze.

This is an essential step when looking at the best bongs and water pipes. You must know which ice strain to buy. After all, you can’t make a good bong out of any old ice, and you won’t get the buzz you want without knowledge of this topic. There are many types of ice that come in different forms, with a wide range of tastes and fragrances.

The incense used to smoke the marijuana is also important to consider because it will give you that added flavor. Buying quality incense will ensure that each hit is safe, warm, and tasty. Even the type of bong you use plays a role in your smoking experience, so choose wisely.


What type of bong do you want?


Bongs are usually made of glass because it is the most durable and pure form of marijuana. Each type will be unique and offer you entirely different experiences. The price range for bongs is around $20 to $50, with prices that can go much higher depending on the quality you need to satisfy your needs.

You will find many different shapes for bongs, but if you are just starting out with this hobby, make sure not to overspend on a super-high-quality piece until you become more experienced in smoking. You can also use a bong together with vaporizer, ranging from dry herb vaporizers to vape pens, through an attachment. New to the maket, you may be interested on trying vape bongs as well.

Beginners often buy bongs because they are less expensive than other types of smoking equipment. Glass pieces are less prone to breaking than those made of plastic or other materials, but you will still want to be careful in your handling and cleaning. You don’t want the glass to get too hot and melt, so make sure that you don’t drop it on the floor or burn yourself when it is on your lap.

Known for its sturdy construction and great strength, borosilicate glass is the most common material used in making these items. This type of glass has an extremely high melting point compared to other materials that makes it a good choice for this purpose. This material is also resistant to insoluble substances, impact, and corrosion.

A bong is considered a piece of artwork because it can be so beautiful and unique. You’ll find a variety of styles online that are sure to please your tastes.


These little tips will help you choose the right bong for your smoking needs:


Pick a size that suits your height and use it again in the future. You don’t want to have trouble reaching the bowl or having an awkward time holding it in place while you take a hit. An ideal size for most adults is approximately eight inches tall with a diameter of three inches or greater. This should give you plenty of room to smoke comfortably without feeling cramped and limited in your movements.



Make sure the glass is thick enough to protect you from burns when it hits the flame. Research the specs for your bong or pipe so you know that you are getting a quality piece of workmanship.



Choose any color that suits your preferences. You might want to choose a match for your outfit, or it may be easier to get high if you have a natural color on hand like brown or light green. If it’s important for you to see what’s coming out of your tube, choose a transparent piece while there are rare instances where a clear one will do the trick.



If you have the best piece of workmanship, it won’t matter how much you pay for it. After all, this is something that will be used over and over so you’ll want to get your money’s worth. A cheap bong will fade quickly and not last very long, so don’t waste your money on a poorly made piece that will only burn you when used with potent marijuana.

You are going to love the high that comes with smoking through a bong. The more time and research spent, the better off you’ll be at obtaining maximum satisfaction from this piece of equipment. This is a good way for beginners to get some practice in before digging into just about every type of smoking experience available.


Why choosing a bong?


This is a device that will give you an entirely different experience than anything else. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to get high with just a pipe or joint. A bong takes it to the next level and allows for more quantity and a higher quality experience.

The real trick is to find the right ingredients that are blended well for optimal results. This can go from something as easy as having the right herb to make your own mix, choosing a good bong or pipe, then adding some milk, honey, green apple juice, whipped cream and caramel to your recipe for a tasty treat. You’ll be able to enjoy your party or event without any regrets so long as you create the best possible solution.

Smoking through water will offer maximum filtration and relaxation without the harshness of traditional methods. The gasses are cooled before entering your lungs, which makes it easier to manage the potency of how you smoke. This results in less coughing or irritation between hits compared to your common methods of smoking, making the entire process more enjoyable and fun for everyone involved.


Shapes and sizes

The best thing about smoking through a bong is that you can buy them in all shapes and sizes for your every need. The reason this method is so popular among smokers is because it gives them the ability to create a quality treat for their needs.

Bongs come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. You will want to pick a device that will give you the ultimate smoking experience without coughing up a lung or causing your head to spin. The best bong for marijuana is one that fits your needs and offers you optimum satisfaction when it comes to flavor, strength, water filtration, and the overall quality of the piece itself.


Some people love the sweet taste of honey or milk while others may like to add some fruit or caramel and create their own tasty treat. It’s important for you to find all the ingredients that make sense for your smoking needs because if not, you’ll be wasting all those delicious substances.