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How to use a vape pen?

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Step One: Prepare the Vape Pen

The first thing you’ll want to do is to prepare your vape pen for use, meaning that you’ll want to charge it up for at least an hour before using. It can also be a good idea to clean your vape pen between each use, but that’s really not too necessary from a hygiene perspective. The next step is finding out how long the battery will last – this depends on which device you’re using and what type of material is being used with it.

Step Two: Fill the Atomizer Chamber

You’ll need to fill the atomizer chamber with e-liquid before vaping, so this really just comes down to finding something that will work with your device. Some pen will allow you to use liquids with different levels of nicotine, while some will require you to use similar e-liquids. The key is to make sure that whatever you’re using is PG (Propylene Glycol) free – this helps prevent the atomizer from getting gunked up and burnt out.

Step Three: Find Your Wattage

Once your e-liquid has been filled into the chamber, it’s time to begin using the device. The first thing you need to do is find out what your wattage is – this varies on each device, but it can be found by consulting the user manual or reading on your vape pen’s box.

Step Four: Vape

Once you’ve found your wattage, you can begin vaping. You’ll want to puff on the vaporizer end repeatedly when in use, but this is up to personal preference.

Step Five: Cleanup

After your vaping session is over, it’s important to clean your device in order to make sure that it remains in proper working order. You can do this by using e-liquids designed for cleaning vape pens – these are made specifically for the purpose of cleaning them out.


Vape pens have been around for awhile but they’re only just now becoming popular. Vape pens are a unique way to enjoy your favorite herb or oil without the smoke or butane. Here at VaporizerGuide, we love talking about how to use vape pens because we believe that this is the future of smoking and vaping. So if you’re new to vape pens, we can show you all about them!


What is a Vape Pen?

Endura T18 INNOKIN 1 vape pen
Endura T18 INNOKIN 1 vape pen

A vape pen is a vaporizer that is shaped like a pen. It’s sometimes referred to as an oil pen, hash pen, or dab pen. While not exactly new technology, they were once hard to find and were only made by select manufacturers. However now they’re everywhere and available from hundreds of companies. This explosion in popularity has allowed the technology to advance rapidly since the first one hit the market a few years ago.

A vape pen contains a battery, an atomizer (oil/wax chamber), and mouthpiece which you can use to take hits from your favorite oils or waxes without having to use butane. The atomizer has an electronic heating element which is compatible with the battery to heat the oil, wax, or concentrate.

When you inhale through the mouthpiece, you get an intense hit of vapor. They contain no combustion so there is no need for any butane. The vapor in a vape pen is pure and doesn’t include any harmful byproducts like tar or carbon monoxide in smoke like other methods do.


Not All Vape Pens are Created Equal

Although there are similarities between vape pens, they all vary in quality and price. The manufacturers that make vape pens vary in quality too depending on who’s making them. The most popular vape pens are the ones that are priced around $50 or less. The more expensive brands tend to be better made and offer more features like variable voltage and temperature control over time.

Since there is such a wide range of what you can find when searching for a vape pen, we’ve compiled the following guide to make things easier for you.


Why You Should Buy a Vape Pen?

Vessel pen vaporizer
Vessel pen vaporizer

The main reason why people choose to use vape pens instead of smoking is that they are 98% safer than regular cigarettes. Vape pens are made so users can inhale pure vapor for their enjoyment instead of smoke. We all love taking hits off our herb or oil bowls, but we don’t want to burn our tongues off. So here are some of the reasons why you should become a vape pen user:

Better Taste & Smoother Hit

That’s right! Vapor pens produce much better tasting hits than regular cigarettes can. It’s because there is no tar, no ash, and no puffing up through filters.

No Smell

Vape pens don’t leave a smell in your car or in your room when you’re done vaping. You can feel free to vape whenever and wherever without ever being bothered by co-workers or family members.


There are so many different ways to use a vape pen besides just taking hits from concentrates. You can vape your favorite herbs as well as waxes or oils that you’ve already made. In addition to vaping concentrates, you can also use it to vaporize herbs and oils.

Travel Friendly

Vape pens have many different designs which make them easy for anyone to hold and use no matter what they’re doing at the moment. Most of them are made to be used hands-free so you can vape while laughing with friends, watching the game, or hanging out at a park.

Premium Products

Vaping produces pure vapor without any tar or smoke that comes from combustion. You get all of the same benefits of smoking but none of the negative side effects that come from inhaling burnt cannabis like ash and tar.


I hope you enjoy your time with your vape pen now that you are an expert on how to use it. Happy vaping!