Portable vaporizers review

Arizer Solo
The most innovative portable vaporizer, the Arizer Solo captures what is convenience technology. The Arizer Solo delivers a super large punch through its small package utilizing a ceramic heater with a full glass mouthpiece. The unit is utlra-portable, with dimensions similar to most smart phones. And size isn’t the only breakthrough feature as the Arizer Solo comes equipped with and advanced temperature control not found in other vaporizers even close to its compact size. The Arizer Solo boasts 7 different temperature presets: 50°C / 122°F, 185°C / 365°F, 190°C / 374°F, 195°C / 383°F, 200°C / 393°F, 205°C / 401°F, and 210°C / 410°F. Powered by a lithium-ion battery pack (built-in and included), the Arizer Solo provides up to 4 hours of continuous vaporizing action. Included with purchase is a rapid charger, which can completely charge the unit in only 4 hours. The Solo heats up in just 2 minutes time, using a ceramic heater. What’s more, the Solo has a battery-saving automatic shut-off feature which powers the unit down after 12 minutes of non-use. From its design, functionality and portability, it’s altogether obvious the Arizer Solo is manufactured with close attention to detail. Users will readily note the unit feels solid and well constructed. For those looking for an efficient yet light weight, day-to-day vaporizer, you simply cannot go wrong in choosing the Arizer Solo!

Key Features:

7  Temperature Presets
4 Hours of Continuous Vaporizing Action
Rapid Charger
Ultra-portable & Cordless Ceramic Heater (lifetime warranty) Includes Battery Charger 2pc. Glass Mouthpiece 4-hour battery life (lithium-ion) 7 temperature settings up to 210°C / 410°F

Magic Flight Launch Box
Product Description/ The Magic Flight Launch Box Manufactured in the USA by Magic Flight, the Launch Box Vaporizer is extraordinarily small, making it super portable. Made of wood, with practically no moving parts, the Launch Box comes standard with a Lifetime Warranty and includes extra AA NiMh rechargeable batteries, along with a stealthy carry pouch, a convenient battery charger and a cleaning brush. One of the few battery powered vapes on the market, it is more compact and easier to use than anything the competition has to offer. Battery life of the Launch Box last between 4 to 5 minutes but with its lightning fast heat-up time of less than 8 seconds, vaporists simply won’t need more than 2 minutes per session. The world’s smallest electronic vaporizer, which means the Launch Box doesn’t require a torch, a lighter or butane. Its quick acting heating element is pure stainless steel, making inhalation safe, even as it reaches 380°F. Magic Flight’s Launch Box incorporates several channel flow features to retain absolute minimum vapor condensation. The Launch Box is affordable, discreet and completely portable.

Key Features:

Portable and Discreet
Battery Powered
Charger Included
Quick Heating
Lifetime Warranty
Additional DescriptionMore Details
Included in Purchase/ 1 . Magic-Flight Launch Box Unit (Newest 2012 Model w/ Click Lid) 2 Rechargeable AA NiMh Magic Flight Batteries 1 Velvet Kit Storage Bag 1 NiMh AA Battery Charger 1 Magic-Flight Cleaning Brush 1 Acrylic Stem 2 Black Battery Caps **New** Black Screen Ring and Battery Foam Seal **New** Black Tin

The Da Vinci Vaporizer
The DaVinci Portable Vaporizer The DaVinci Portable Vaporizer makes its 2012 debut boasting some terrific features. The DaVinci Portable Vaporizer is smartly equipped with a digital temperature display. Temperatures can be adjusted precisely from 100°F up to 430°F. The DaVinci Portable can also be used for aromatherapy by using its reservoir “oil can”. Using Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries (which come with purchase), the DaVinci is operable for 45-minutes at a time before needing a recharge. And, the most thoughtful feature is the DaVinci is equipped with dual power buttons, keeping users from accidentally turning it on when not in use. Dollar for dollar, the DaVinci Portable Vaporizer ranks among the highest-tech portable vaporizers on the market, and aims to please both novices and experts alike. Key Features:

Digital Temperature Display
Dual Power Buttons
Reservoir Oil Can
Battery Charger

The Vapor Genie
VaporGenie The VaporGenie is powered by a radical new concept in vaporization, providing users a ‘sweet-spot’ of vaporization temperatures between 225°F and 375°F. The secret weapon in the VaporGenie is its patented flame filter. Its flame filter is situated above the loaded blend (between the bowl and flame). The revolutionary flame filter combines heat of the flame with cold, ambient air. The flame filter is specifically designed to balance the flame and cool air to provide the most efficient vaporization temperatures. The VaporGenie’s flame filter is also specially designed to completely withstand heat from flame temperatures for many years. Made of silicon carbide, the Vapor Genie is comprised of an extremely durable and nontoxic ceramic. Constructed solely of high-purity silicon carbide (one of the most inert and heat-resistant ceramics in the world), the ceramic filter inside the VaporGenie is built to last a lifetime. Silicon carbide is comprised of only silicon and carbon, formed inside a diamond crystal structure. Since silicon carbide doesn’t contain any metal, it will not contaminate vapor or produce metallic flavors. What’s more, the VaporGenie’s ceramic filter does not burn, will not fracture, nor will it deteriorate–meaning it will never need replacement.

Key Features:

Lightweight, Compact and Portable
Requires No Batteries
Non-contaminating Vapor Materials
Durable and Affordable

Included in Purchase/ 1 VaporGenie Classic Portable Vaporizer Base 1 Vapor Genie Black Tip (Removable) 1 VaporGenie Top with Carbide Heating Stoned

Da Buddha Vaporizer by 7th floor
Da Buddha Brought to the market by manufacturer 7th Floor, the Da Buddha GG Vaporizer is among the most efficient and cost-effective vape devices available today. Designed for connoisseurs looking for the ultimate, each unit is built using the utmost, highest quality components and materials. Featuring an advanced ceramic heating element which won’t release harmful toxins. Incorporating Ground Glass Connections, the Da Buddha is a completely hands-free device that doesn’t require holding the whip in place. It also comes equipped with a temperature control system that allows for adjusting the vaporizing temperature according to the user’s preference. The Da Buddha features a unique cylindrical, sleek design which serves to both optimize air resistance while providing a natural cooling effect. However, unlike the other whip-style vapes that utilizing a small herbal chamber, the Da Buddha boasts an extra-wide chamber, allowing for a more efficient and effective vaporizing process. Capable of reaching vaporization temps within just 2 minutes and specially designed to allow for easy screen retrieval and insertion. Da Buddha also has a glass mouthpiece and comes with a SSV stir stick. Key Features:

3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Ground Glass Hands Free Wand
3 feet of Vinyl Tubing
Free Padded Storage/Travel Bag
Additional DescriptionMore Details
Included in Purchase/ 1 pc. Da Buddha in Silver Vaporizer Unit 1 Hands Free Wand 1 3/8″ super soft whip 1 Glass Mouthpiece 3 Replacement Screens 1 Custom Glass Stir Tool 1 Hemp Carry Bag (Colors May Vary)

Easy Vape Box Vaporizer with Digital LCD screen
The Easy Vape Deluxe Yahh Industries released the The Easy Vape Deluxe vaporizer in early 2011. Since its debut, the unit has amply demonstrated itself to be a success for a majority of vaporizer retailers and distributors alike. The Easy Vape Deluxe vaporizer unit is a box-type vape with excellent features and exceptional functionality. Its traditional box style has proven to be a popular choice for indoor vaporizers. Moreover, its polycarbonate construction combines highly durability with quality . The unit itself measures 10” x 10” x 5” (25cm x 25cm x 13cm). What’s more, it comes in three stylish finishes: burlwood, carbon fiber and maple. The most striking function of the Easy Vape Deluxe is its easy-to-read, LCD dual digital display affixed prominently to the front of the unit, which is much larger and simpler to read its predecessor. The LCD display is accurate within 3 degrees, allowing more accuracy when setting the desired temperature. And more accurate temperature regulation makes for more efficient vaporizing. This feature clearly demonstrates when using vaporizers without such precise control, it is difficult to get the temperature correct, producing more smoke than vapor, which defeats the entire purpose. The Easy Vape Deluxe has an 18mm hands-free glass whip. The whip utilizes advanced glass technology to change color while in use. The design of the vape allows the whip to rest atop the unit, which provides complete hands-free functionality. The Easy Vape’s technology employs a completely inert, ceramic heating element–ensuring users only inhale pure vapor. The element itself is housed in a 2.25mm durable cover. Plus, the Easy Vape Deluxe equipped with a safety shut off which powers-down the device if left unused for even short periods. The device is also fused, so the result of any current fluctuations only blows the fuse and will not burn out its expensive heating element.

Key Features:

The newly designed Easy Vape Deluxe with vents
An 18mm, hands-free, color changing vapor whip with included mouthpiece
A full, 5 year manufacturer’s warranty
Included in Purchase/ 1 Easy Vape Digital Hands Free Vaporizer Unit 1 Whip/Wand Assembly 1 Glass Wand 1 2.5’ Tube 1 Glass Mouthpiece 1 Easy Vape Instruction Manual

Hot Box Vaporizer
The Hot Box Vaporizer One Source Products of Orange County, California manufacturers the Hot Box Vaporizer. Made in the USA, this multipurpose vape is hands free, simple and boasts a sleek and innovative design which offers a more effective and healthier alternative to practically any other mainstream vaporizing methods. Since its market debut in 2002, the Hot Box has wowed, coming in an impressive variety of designs and colors. The Hot Box comes in the its own patented stone and tile construction, using a highly engineered ceramic nichrome heating element . This allows the unit to heat up, plus sustain its optimal temperature with more efficiently. These key features make the Hot Box an excellent as well as affordable choice for any vaporist. How the Hot Box Works The Hot Box is constructed with ceramic tile, complete with a glass on glass action design. Users can enjoy the device hands-free with either glass whips or wands. The glass whip is simply held against the heating element while users enjoy their vaporized inhalation. The Hot Box automatically heats herbs to the optimal vaporizing temperature, without dials or knobs, so no herbs of any kind are wasted due to improper heat settings. The Hot box is just plug and play.

Key Features:

Hot Box Vaporizer is available in your choice of Ebony Mother, Cobalt Blue and All Rise Scarlet
The unit also comes in a variety of stone configurations such as onyx and marble but is also available in a wide array of other precious stones
Users can choose their own custom artwork
Hands-free glass whips
Patented stone and tile construction
Also servers dual use as an aromatherapy diffuser
Included in purchase/ 1 HotBox Vaporizer Unit 1 Whip/Wand Assembly 1 Glass 2-Piece Wand 1 2.5’ Food Grade Tube 1 Glass Mouthpiece 1 Hot Box Instruction Manual

LSV Life Saber Vaporizer by 7th Floor
The Life Saber Vape manufacturers 7th Floor LLC of Colorado spent two years developing, what they call the first “social” herbal vaporizer. 7th Floor LLC, already known for their popular Da Buddah and Silver Surfer vaporizers have brought a new standard to the industry. The Life Saber vaporizer is constructed out of anodized aluminum with precision hand-drilled holes and is covered by a 3 year warranty if purchased from an authorized retailer. The Life Saber–marketed as the first social vaporizer–uses the same ground glass design and heating element as the Silver Surfer and Da Buddha, only it provides a bit more of a direct draw approach than either of its well-known predecessors. What makes the Life Saber vaporizer particularly interesting is the fact that users can use the unit as a chamber for a water system simply by removing the top. Additionally, the unit’s heater cover can easily be removed to expose the enclosed heating element rod which is fully capable of lighting another device without combustion. Using the Life Saber Vaporizer There are a couple of ways users can enjoy the Life Saber. Firstly, herbs can simply be packed the end of the wand and inserted straight into the unit. This particular direct method is quite simple and highly effective. Users can also enjoy the Life Saber in association with a water pipe. Using the brilliantly designed adapter (which is sold separately), user can just remove the ceramic heater and use it to light a water pipe without combustion, making for a completely smooth and more flavorful experience. Key


Direct inhalation style herbal vaporizer, complete with wand
Can be used in association with a water pipe as a butane-free lighter
Ceramic heat element, like the other 7th Floor products, the Silver Surfer and Da Buddha
Only 4lb (1.8kg) in weight
Measures 9″ x 1.85″ x 2″ (with wand 10″ x 0.65″) • Operating temperature up to 260C (500F)
Anodised aluminium shaft
Included in Purchase/ Anodized Aluminum in Silver, Drilled Holes by Hand, 3 Year Warranty, Padded Travel Bag Included, Includes Custom Stir Tool, First Social Vaporizer!

The Plenty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel
PLENTY Vaporizer The futuristic looking PLENTY Vaporizer is the latest offering from manufacturer Storz & Bickel, the same company which produces the Volcano Vaporizer. The PLENTY was ingeniously designed from the ground up to give vaporists the most perfect hand-held vape on the market. Using a standard AC power adapter, the PLENTY is easy light weight and easy to carry in a bag. Weighing only 1 1/2 lbs, and measuring approximately 6″ x 9″ x 2″ in dimension, the PLENTY is a very compact and stylish device. Considered a ‘direct draw’ device, the device incorporates a stainless steel coil which attaches to a mouthpiece. The coil is completely able to contort to the user’s preference, which also serves to cool the vapor during use. The PLENTY temperature range is between 266°F and 395°F. Its temperature is displayed with the front mounted analog thermometer, precise in its accuracy, and can be easily adjusted with the orange click-dial close the base. The bi-metallic temperature regulator nearly guarantees safe operation and prevents the device from overheating with its smart automatic shut-off feature. Just like it’s older sibling, the VOLCANO, the PLENTY is engineered and produced using high quality food-safe and aroma-free materials. It also features a significantly large chamber, making it ideal for long vaporization periods with no contamination whatsoever.

Key Features:

Certified by the German TÜV and NRTL
German Engineering
Aroma-Free, Food-Safe Construction Materials
Large Capacity Chamber

The Silver Surfer Vaporizer
The Silver Surfer The Silver Surfer is a hand made vaporizer, designed and assembled in Colorado Springs, USA by 7th Floor. This vape is the company’s first entry in the vaporizer market and its a hit home run. Offering a reverse 90 degree angle, the Silver Surfer’s manufacturer, 7th Floor, is the first company to re-engineer the functionality of traditional vaporizers. Rather than having your blend s fall into a heating element, the Silver Surfer smartly uses gravity, the reverse angle acts to very effectively vaporize any aroma blend. The unit contains a 100 percent glass and ceramic heating element made from Alumina Ceramic, a composite which possesses the same crystal structure as a ruby and a sapphire after undergoing a careful sintering process. Ceramic, like glass, does not emit or release any toxins when heated at high temperatures, quite unlike cheaper metal elements. The Silver Surfer comes with an optional custom bag, which serves as a very well padded carrying case so owners can freely enjoy their silver surfer on the go.

Key Features:

Reverse 90 Degree Angle
Made in the USA
Constructed from Alumina Ceramic
Toxic Free Vaporization
Included in Purchase/ 1 Silver Surfer Vaporizer Unit 1 Quick Change Wand 1 3/8″ super soft whip 1 Glass Mouthpiece 3 Replacement Screens 1 Custom Glass Stir Tool 1 Hemp Vaporizer Carry Bag (Color May Vary)

The Extreme-Q Vaporizer By Arizer
The Extreme-Q Vaporizer w/ Remote Control – Newest Model Introduced by Arizer, a leading name in the industry, the newly redesigned Extreme Q Vaporizer is arguably the most functional Vaporizer available on the market today. It offers the user the versatility to enjoy rich, pure and flavorful vapor via a balloon bag or whip attachment. Extreme Q Vaporizer employs a digital temperature remote control activation system, allowing users to automate fan speed using 3 different settings to control density of the vapor, the temperature and automatic power-off settings. The Extreme Q’s functionality enables this popular to serve both as an aromatherapy device and an oil diffuser. The new Extreme Q 4.0 uses only the most durable and highest quality glass materials which offer inert, toxin-free and flavorful vapor using an insulated dual-wall stainless steel housing. The Extreme Q’s unique and revolutionary Cyclone Bowl is situated vertically, which allows the air to be distributed more evenly and more efficiently to produce full flavor and potency. Its clear and bright LCD display clearly shows the actual and preset vaporizing temperatures. Moreover, it utilizes a high-quality ceramic heating element to completely eliminate the threat of combustible by-product toxins. The ceramic heating element is so advanced, it is able to reach vaporizing temperatures within 2 short minutes and includes triple heat sensors for precise temperature control. Manufactured in Canada, each Extreme Q Vaporizer comes with a Lifetime Warranty covering any heating element defects. There unit also has an Auto Shut Off Timer programmable in 2 or 4 hour settings. The Extreme Q has been recently re imagined, giving it a more compact design, a new midnight chrome finish, a quieter fan and a full 50 percent more energy efficiency.

Key Features:

Lifetime Heating Element Warranty
Remote Control
Auto Shut-Off
Vapor Density Control
50 Percent More Energy Efficient

Digital Volcano
VOLCANO Vaporizer The VOLCANO Vaporizer is simply the ultimate system for releasing the flavor and aroma of herbs, spices, and essential oils. Every VOLCANO is meticulously crafted in Germany comprised of food safe, flavorless, and heat resistant materials. Built to meet and surpass the daily demands of professionals as well as connoisseurs, the ultra-precise VOLCANO heat controls gently heat but never burn. The VOLCANO comes standard with a 3-year Storz & Bickel Warranty with every purchase. The VOLCANO is the only vaporizer on the market which is certified according to ISO quality manufacturing standards and meets all NRTL and UL requirements. The VOLCANO Vaporizer is the ideal device for an extensive array of sensory applications. From releasing robust flavors and soothing aromas for aromatherapy to basic and advanced mixology, the VOLCANO is the most versatile vaporizer on the market. Its precise temperature controls gently and efficiently heat herbs, spices, and essential oils, so only the purest aroma is released. And because the VOLCANO maintains a temperature consistently below the combustion point, it guarantees smoke is never created and nothing ever burns. Vaporization is the chemical process of releasing active ingredients and aromatic compounds from herbs, spices, and essential oils without burning the material which produces smoke. Utilizing patented technology, the VOLCANO Vaporizer, gently heats materials and fills its Valve Balloon with a vapor (a gas similar to steam). Therefore, the vapor produced is completely pure and does not contain any combustible by-products such as carbon monoxide. The result is refined purity, robust flavor, and superior effect!

Key Features:

ISO Manufacturing Quality
Meets all NRTL and UL Requirements
3-year Storz & Bickel Warranty
Additional DescriptionMore Details
Included in Purchase/ Precise electronic control Extra large, digital LED display with set and actual temperature Vaporization temperature can be set between 40° and 230°C (104° and 446°F) Temperature accuracy ± 1,5°C (2,7°F) Display changeover between °Celsius and Fahrenheit 3 year warranty Automatic switch off

H.Aire2.2 Main
The Aire 2.2 is the newest and improved Vaporizer excelling its sister vaporizer the 2.1 enjoy this vaporizer through a whip and wand or a more social setting bag balloon. This unit adapts it’s temperature, and considers the climate surrounding it the first of it’s kind.
Included in purchase/ . Aire H2.2 Vaporizer Unit 1 . Main Mouthpiece, 2 Balloon Extension Straw, 1 Upgraded High Output Inflation Pump, 1 Tubing w/ Connector, 1 . Removable Crucible, 1 Direct Inhale Whip, 3 Easy Make Aromatherapy Balloons, 2. Reusable Mouthpiece, 2 Balloon Clamps, 1 . Aire H2.2 Instruction Manual

Vaporfection viVape 2 Vaporizer
Vaporfection viVape 2 The revolutionary viVape 2™ is cleaner, healthier and smarter than any other device on the market. Known its quietest and fastest delivery system in the vaporizer industry, there simply is no going wrong with the viVape 2™. The viVape 2™ features include: all newly designed enclosures and visuals, modernized glass-on-glass heating element, advanced touchscreen LCD control, new internal heating temperature control, improved dual voltage 110-240 filtering and operation, and full International manufacturing and safety certifications. -Vapor Sense™ Temperature Control Manufacturer Vaporfection is always thinking of new and imaginative ways to improve the herbal delivery experience, hence, the addition of its proprietary Vapor Sense™ to the viVape 2™. The viVape 2™ is fully equipped with automatic temperature-sensing technology, equipped with a digital microprocessor temperature controller, which is wired directly to an exacting thermo-coupling temperature sensor. The viVape 2™ has an exclusive Set It and Forget It feature–something every owner rave about. And all of Vaporfection’s vaporizers come equipped with an auto shut-off and cool-down feature–giving owners complete peace of mind. The viVape 2™ vaporizer has the ability to be used in any country in the world, being electrically compatible with 110/240 voltage for universal use. -Vapor Touch™ The viVape 2™ boasts a user-friendly touchscreen control system, making for an incredibly fast start-up and warm-up time. Letting users know their desired temperature has been reached, The viVape 2™ features a glowing LED glass heating chamber. Users have the ability to select their target temperature, method of delivery as well as desired time of use–all with a touch of a button. -Dual Method Delivery The viVape 2™ comes equipped with bag and wand delivery methods, resulting in the most quiet and quickest delivery in the industry. Knowing everyone has their individual preferences, the viVape 2™ leaves the herbal delivery method up to each user. -Vapor Glass™ The viVape 2™ comes standard with Vaporfection’s patented Vapor Glass™ technology, which features laboratory-grade glass-on-glass heating element and laboratory-grade heating chamber, designed specifically to allow the heating element to be precisely positioned for the most efficient air/heat flow combination in the industry. The result is a far superior quality vapor when compared to other leading vaporizers. The viVape 2™ is built with precision using glass-on-glass technology. And unlike other vaporizers that are manufactured with ceramics, metals or plastics, which may cause impurities, the viVape 2™ delivers the purest vapor experience possible.

Key Features:

Improved Dual Voltage 110-240 Filtering and Operation
Dual Method Delivery
Advanced Touchscreen LCD Control
Glowing LED Glass Heating Chamber
Glass-On-Glass Technology

Included in Purchase/ Vaporfection viVape 2 Digital Vaporizer 1x viVape 2 by Vaporfection 1x Power cord 2x Tapered Custom Vape Bags 1x Medical Grade Hose (3 ft.) 1x Glass Wand/Whip 1x Glass Mouthpiece 1x Vapor Valve 6x Screen Replacements 1x Stir Stick/Screen Tool 2x Medical Grade Tie Wraps 1x Owner’s Manual 1x Warranty 1x Owner Registration Card