Iolite Wispr Review

The WISPR vaporizer is a new portable direct application unit manufactured in Ireland by Oglesby & Butler. Introduced to the market in 2011, the WISPR portable vaporizer uses the same, patented, one of a kind flameless gas catalytic conversion heating method and thermostatic temperature gauge as its counterpart, the IOLITE.

The WISPR’s sleek square design and convenient size, 3 ½ in height and 3 ½ in wide, with a width of 1 ½ inches, makes the WISPR is truly discreet.

Being only 4.5 oz/126grams, the WISPR Vaporizer weighs little more than your typical mobile phone and is about the same size, fitting in your hand and pockets with no restraints.

Building on the solid foundation paved by the IOLITE, the WISPR addresses all of the key consumer needs such as:

A New fuel gauge window
Longer run time
Elongated filling chamber
Rich vapor delivery
Easier to fill
Emits less heat
Heat reducing mouthpiece/Silicon pop out mouthpiece
Faster warm up time
The WISPR is now the premier Portable Vaporizer on the Market.
WISPR Vaporizer Ease of Use

In regards to ease of use, I was able to follow the detailed illustrations to activate the WISPR with no troubles. After the testing process, I believe the WISPR is perfect for adults of all ages and a little easier to operate than its predecessor, the iolite.

First, I filled a minimal amount of Natural Butane Gas (5x refined recommended) into the WISPR gas chamber, located underneath the unit. The fuel gage allowed me to see the exact amount needed when filling the gas to the proper level. One fill of Butane now has an increased charge time of 3 hours.

I simply pressed the power switch (located on the back of the WISPR) half way down with my thumb to activate the fuel release.

Then I pressed the switch all the way down to activate the patented flameless gas catalytic heater and thermostat.

Once the WISPR is operating, the large Orange temperature control light on the port of the unit will stay lit until the optimal Vaporization temperature is reached.

To turn off the WISPR, I simply return the power switch to its original position and the unit will cool down in less than 3minutes. There is an instant cut off of gas, no cycling down required while the unit cools down.

WISPR Vaporizer Heat up Time

The WISPR’s catalytic heating element is built into an isolated chamber, which allows the butane to heat the unit. The upgraded heating method, allowed me to reach the desired heating temperature in only 2 minutes.

WISPR Vaporizer Efficiency / Effectiveness

Each draw from the WISPR’s new flexible mouthpiece produces a rich layer of Vapor, I achieved a visible vapor upon each exhale. The enhanced thermostatically controlled bi-metal regulator maintains a steady temperature of 374 degrees Fahrenheit/ 190 degrees Celsius, allowing me to maintain a constant vapor while in use. When I finished Vaporizing, I took off the filling chamber and inserted the new aromatherapy receptacle, a separate accessory, to fill the room with some lavender oils.

WISPR Vaporizer Warranty

Each WISPR Vaporizer comes with a two year manufactures warranty that is restricted to normal use. After the original warranty, users can have their unit repaired for a nominal fee.

WISPR Vaporizer Overall User Satisfaction

The WISPR portable vaporizer is another impressive portable unit from Oglesby & Butler. The new stylish shape, accompanied with the enhanced heating chamber, heat-reducing mouthpiece and longer run time increases the overall effectiveness of this unit. I also believe the elongated filling chamber and flexible spacecraft plastic mouthpiece allow for a more enhanced Vapor flow. I would highly recommend the WISPR to anyone that is looking for a high quality portable vaporizer at a competitive price.

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