Arizer Solo Review

Arizer Solo Review

Arizer Solo Vaporizer

is a very well respected name in Vaporizing. The Arizer Extreme Q is one of the best desktop dual-delivery vaporizers out there. In mid-2011, Arizer launched their portable unit, the Arizer Solo Vaporizer. This vaporizer was built to compete in the high-end portable vaporizer market. Today we will review the Arizer Solo Vaporizer.

First, let us see what comes in the package. Arizer products do not come in retail packaging; they come in plain brown boxes and are labelled as Hot Air generators, or pot-pourri warmers. This is a definite plus if shipping cross-border as any customs agent will assume this is a $25 device for your granny and let it pass through without any issue.

In the box, you will find:

The Arizer Solo unit. The unit is about the size of a Red Bull can. Diameter 1.75″ Height 4.5″.
A/C Power Adapter for recharging.
Pot Pourri warming dish
2 Glass Diffusing Stems
User Instruction Manual
Sample packet of Pot-pourri.
The unit itself is very well built. The first thing we noticed is how heavy the unit was. The unit comes with a built-in, lithium-ion rechargeable battery, but the unit itself is made of some kind of metal alloy and feels very sturdy and strong. These units get hot so I feel better that this unit is not made of plastic, which can melt. I was very impressed by the weight of the unit, yet it was not too heavy as to make it awkward.

The unit is meant to be a portable unit. This vape cannot be used while plugged in. This is different from earlier electric portable units such as the Vapir No2. The difference between the Arizer Solo and the Vapir No2 is battery life. The Vapir No2 runs out of battery charge in about 1 hour while the Arizer Solo can run 4 hours on a single charge. Heat up time was an impressive one and a half minute, which is impressive for any unit, electric or butane.

The Arizer Solo is not a true digital unit as it does not have temperature reading. However, it has 7 levels and each of them represents 5 degree steps in Celsius. We tested with our laser thermometer and found that the temperatures were right on and, the heat retention was also good. You will not waste any material using the Arizer Solo. The Arizer solo also handles oils and concentrates really well, this is one edge that the Solo has over other portable units.

Now in terms of usage and quality there is good news and bad news. The good news is the Solo uses a glass stem system to produce glass on glass heating. This produces the absolute best tasting and best quality vapor you can get out of any portable. The bad news is that it uses glass. A portable vaporizer is supposed to be convenient and easy to use on the go. Fiddling with a glass wand/stem can be a little tricky when you’re on the move. Glass is always tricky when it comes to vaporizers. My very first vaporizer had a rubber tube with a glass mouthpiece. It took me all of 2 hours after unpacking the unit to break the mouthpiece! Arizer cuts you a bit of slack as you get 2 stems with your unit, and replacement stems are readily available from your favorite vaporizer store.

The best way to overcome the glass issue is to purchase a case for your Arizer Solo. Some dealers sell a hard case with cut out foam inserts so all your Arizer Solo parts fit nicely in place. You can find these cases reasonably priced at Vaporizer Store.

Earlier versions of the Arizer Solo used a ceramic heating element. Some users reported problems with the ceramic units and they have since changed to a stainless steel heating chamber. If you are purchasing and you want to ensure you are getting the current model, make sure the batch number is M105 or greater.

So, after weighing all the factors, we give the Arizer Solo 4 1/2 stars. While we applaud Arizer for using a glass design, which resulted in the absolute best and most efficient vapor, we still found it to be a little clumsy. However, as with everything, the more you use it the better you get with it. After spending 2 weeks using the unit, we found the glass stem system to work out just fine especially when stored neatly in the travel case when not in use. The battery time was sufficient that it doesn’t need to be recharged twice in the same evening.

Now in comparison to the Iolite Wispr, it’s all of a sudden hard to say. Both units are good quality. The Arizer SOLO has a slight edge on taste, while the Iolite Wispr has a slight edge on portability. In terms of length of usage, the Iolite Wispr has a slight advantage, in that you can carry a small canister of butane in your pocket, whereas you have to charge the Arizer Solo if the battery runs out.

The other issue with Arizer is warranty. Arizer takes a very serious stand on underselling. The Arizer Solo should be sold at $239.99 Canadian or $229 US. Authorized Arizer dealers will sell the unit at these correct prices. If you find the unit at a lower price than this then there is a serious catch. Units sold at the lower price are not eligible for warranty service. In order to qualify for warranty you must submit your receipt whether it be through credit card, or Paypal, the receipt will show the price you paid. Dealers trying to make a quick buck will sell the unit for $199.99 and if the unit breaks, you are on your own. Make sure you purchase from an authorized dealer, like Vaporizer Store or NFusion California Vaporizers.

VapeCase hard case sold separately.

Best prices found online: (Authorizer Dealers, With Full Warranty Included)
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Arizer Solo at Vaporizer King – $229.00
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